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CURRICULUM VITAE MAYLU HERNANDEZ             Maylu Hernandez Castellanos Professional Dancer, Singer and Musical Comedian Place of Birth: Havana City, Cuba Website: www.caroentertainment.com Email: info@caroentertainment.com Artistic Progress: When I was 14 years-old I was part of the Group of Models “Caracol” in which I stayed for several years and represented Cuba in diverse International Fairs of Tourism among them Spain, Italy, and Venezuela. In 1998 I graduated as a professional dancer and Musical Comedian of the National School of Musical Shows in Havana City and immediately I passed to be part of the Cuban Television Ballet where I stayed for 13 years. In 1998 I debuted as Soloist Singer in the Amphitheater Of the Historical Center of the Historian Office of the City of Havana playing the leading role of Sally Bowles in the Musical “Cabaret” From then on I have worked intensely to develop my artistic career participating this way in different television programs, homage’s, braveries, festivals, and competitions, also national and international tours which are detailed subsequently. International Tours: Germany Italy (1997) International Trades of Tourism in Milán, a model of the Cuban stand, one week. Spain (1998) International Trades of Tourism in Madrid, a model of the Cuban stand, one week. Venezuela (1999) International Trades of Tourism in Caracas, a model of the Cuban stand, one week.  Mexico (1998) as a dancer of a show of varieties sponsored by the Mexican Beer SUPERIOR, for 6 months. Guatemala (1999,2000 and 2001) as dancer of the show of the Hotel Hyatt Jamaica (1999) as a dancer of a Cuban show for the End of Year of the Hotel Sandals, 2 weeks. Sweden and Finland (1999) as a dancer of an artistic delegation where we carry out different presentations in the 2 countries, for 15 days. Mónaco Montecarlo (2002) as a dancer of the show of the Montecarlo Casino, for 6 months. Portugal (2003) as the main singer of the Cuban show of the Figueira da Foz Casino, for 6 months. Cayman Islands (2004) as a dancer of an artistic delegation, for 15 days. Regional tour for Central America with the Circus Tihany for 2 years as part of their international cast. This circus is considered among the 10 best circuses of the world. -United States (2010) -Indonesia (2011) -Nigeria (2011) -Singapur (2011) -Mexico (2011) and more At the beginning of the year 2006, I was selected as an actress, singer and dancer in the Musical Comedy Pedro Navajas during 6 months in the City of Havana making a fragment of Cuban Musical “The Island of the Parrots.” During the summer of 2006 was presented in the Amphitheater of the Historical Center the debuting Cuba of “The Phantom of the Opera” where I assumed the feminine leading role of Christine Daae. After 20 years of their last presentation in Cuba was presented during the months of July and August of 2007 also in the Amphitheater of the Historical Center, the Operetta “The Merry Widow”. In this opportunity, I also interpreted the protagonist character of Ana de Glavaris. From November 2008 until august 2009 I worked in the Cayman Islands for an international tour where I performed as the main singer of a 15 artists Cuban show called the Vivendi Cabaret. At the end of 2009, I played in Cuba the Operetta “The Court of Faraón” with the National Opera Theater Company. This opera was presented at the Grand Habana Theater Garcia Lorca and had great acceptance from the critic and of the public. After this season I was invited to play the musical “Chicago ” in the role of Roxie Hart with the professional acting company Mefisto Theater. We did a 3 months season presentation and after I was awarded the Best Actress Award that year. In May of the year 2010, I was invited for a cultural exchange to the United States for one month and I presented myself in several ecclesiastical and social facilities of New York and Connecticut. After I did a 3 months tour to Nigeria, Indonesia and Singapur. I also present myself every Saturday night in a unipersonal show in the Havana Night Center The Blind Cat with a varied repertoire of international music and Cuban music too, expressed in several genres and rhythms. Also with the Mephisto Theater Company, she starred the musical “Canción de Rachel” inspired by the play of the same name written by Miguel Barnet. In May of 2010, she traveled to the USA and performed in several ecclesiastic and social facilities of New York and the City of Norwalk, Connecticut. She was invited to Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico. On the occasion of the City Foundation Celebration and some other major celebrations. That time she offered several concerts in the city’s main theater. She was nominated for the Cuban Video Clip Awards “Lucas” in 2011 for the “Best Ballad Song” and “Novel Artist” categories for her video clip “It’s a beautiful day” (A cover of the Un Bel Di Vedremo song from the Madame Butterfly Opera) directed by the award winning Alejandro Pérez (Maker of the “Bailando” video clip by Enrique Iglesias and Gente de Zona and most recently Marc Anthony). In the summer of 2011 along with artistic director Raúl de la Rosa, she was in charge of conducting the TV show “Famosos del Musical” related to musical theater from Broadway (11 Episodes).  After a short maternity leave, in April of 2012, she goes back her weekly performances at El Gato Tuerto and the Concert Cafe “Adagio” of the Garcia Lorca Theater in a monologue that rescues genres such as Musical Comedy and Lyric accompanied on the piano by the Master Juan Espinosa. She’s rated as First Level Actress in Musical Theater. In the period from February until May of 2013, she was a part of the “Fresa y Choclate” Musical’s cast directed by Tony Díaz and playing the role of the “Virgen de la Caridad”. In May of 2013, she traveled to Colombia invited by the “Espíritu de Amor” Foundation, which dedicates itself to take care of homeless children and offered several beneficial concerts in Barranquilla with another singer and the accompanying pianist. During 2014 and 2015 she stands out as a host of the TV show “A Contraluz” directed by Abel Oliveros. In 2015 the series of 9 shows were dedicated to the Musical Theater of Cuba and the world while in 2016 the series of 11 shows was dedicated to Lyrical Theater. In 2015 she gets the “Enrique Almirante” Award given by the Caricatos Agency for her work dedicated to lyrical and musical theater. Also in that year, she goes on a tour through Central America with the Claro Company with live accompaniment and the singer Félix Bernal.   MAIN JOBS IN THE UNITED STATES(Until this date) In December of 2015, she comes to live definitely to the United States, in Miami.On her previous trips, she performed in several locations, such as: churches, MariscoCenter in New York, Senior’s Home in Connecticut, in the Bellas Artes Theater inFlorida and in the Alfaros Lounge, among others.You can say that since her arrival to Miami, Maylu felt “Like home” because she wasembraced by many artists and friends that helped her, which she is very thankful for.In this year and a half, she hasn’t stopped working very hard, especially developing herfavorite two genres: Musical and Lyrical Theater. Her main performances in Miami since her arrival are: February/2016 S.O.P.A Inc. /“Son las cosas del querer” Show/Koubek Center Theater/Directed by: HabybYarull April/2016 Live concert with musicians/Directed by: Jorge Estadella May/2016 S.O.P.A Inc./“Noches de Tropicana” Show/Trail Theater/ Directed by: HabybYarull May/2016 Martí Productions/“Por la Calle de Alcalá” Musical Magazine/TrailTheater/ Directed by: Tania Guzmán Jul/2016 Live Concert with musicians/ Alfaro’s Lounge/ Directed by: Roberto Lozano Aug/2016 ALBA /‘Toda Una Vida” Musical/ Miami Dade County Auditorium/ Directedby: Pedro RománSept/2016 “La Corte Faraónica” Musical Magazine/ Alfaro’s Lounge/ Directed by: Maylu Hernández Nov/2016 Martí Productions/“Las castañuelas de Lavapies” Musical Magazine/Manuel ArtimeTheater/ Directed by: Tania Guzmán Nov/2016 Morning Star Group/ “Regálameunanoche” Concert with the singerJesúsBrañas/Open Stage Club/ Directed by: José Garrido Dec/2016 Christmas Concert/ Alfaro’s Lounge/ Free entrance/ Directed by:Maylu Hernández Mar/2017 “On Broadway” Musical Magazine/ Alfaro’s Lounge/ Directed by: Maylu Hernández Apr/2017 Concert /Real Café/ Directed by: Maylu Hernández Apr/2017 “Ernesto Lecuona International Festival”/Miami Dade County Auditorium/ Directed by: Pedro Román Apr/2017 “On Broadway” Musical Magazine reposition/Alfaro’s Lounge/ Directed by: Maylu Hernández May/2017 Mother’s Day concert with special guest: Rosita Fornes/ Real Café/ Directed by: Maylu Hernández She performs 2 or 3 times a month in the Hotel Riu in Miami Beach She performs as a choreographer and Singer for Canal América TV, Canal 41, TN3 Show Carlos Otero hosts. At this moment she’s currently working on the show “On Broadway” in his 3erreposition, this time in the Artime Theater and under the title of “Luces del Musical”due to the big acceptance of the show from the public.
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