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Born and raised in Arizona to Mexican parents. An aspiring singer, actor, and YouTuber based in Phoenix, Arizona diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I have 7 siblings and 2 nieces. I became interested in being an entertainer at an early age, it’s been a part of me for 20 years and it’s something I really enjoy very much from the bottom of my heart. My own symbolism to my artistry and legacy is that I’m all about making positive changes into people’s lives, bringing peace, love, and music to the world, spreading love, kindness, and magic to others no matter who, what, or how, celebrate life dancing, having fun and having the best time of your life, and also gain energy to help the one place that gives us life stay fit, safe, healthy, and kind, Earth. My favorite activities I like to do on my free time is write, read, watch movies and tv shows I love, draw, exercise, play with my nieces and siblings, hangout with friends, exploring out in the community, and staying close to my family. I took singing classes after school every thursday for 4 years in the past. I took acting courses for the last 2 years. I work at Texas Roadhouse with family members and my father who happens to be the manager and my own boss. Attend school at Mesa Community College studying for a degree in Fine Arts, and with it become an English and Performing Arts teacher for both regular kids and special needs kids at any grade level. Since late September of 2018, I’ve been suffering Meniere’s Disease. My entire family, friends, and God are my main best friends. Peace, Love, and Music is my one true oath. I love my double life both as an artist and as a normal human being. I consider myself a country pop artist and I sing in many languages which are English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, German, Norwegian, Dutch, Hungarian, Russian, Polish, Quechua, Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, Romanian, Swahili, Urdu, Danish, Catalan, Ukrainian, Greek, Yiddish, Uzbek, Turkish, Persian, Korean, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabian, Slovenian, Czech, Hawaiian, and Latin.....and also of course in fictional Elvish and Saurian language.

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I love my life…..Double life in this case. Both as an artist and as a normal person. Singing acting, dancing, being an entertainer have been my flesh and blood for 20 years. Family, friends, and God are my main bestfriends and fans. It shows that they really care about me and my world of imagination, […]