And So….The Journey Begins!

I love my life.....Double life in this case. Both as an artist and as a normal person. Singing acting, dancing, being an entertainer have been my flesh and blood for 20 years. Family, friends, and God are my main bestfriends and fans. It shows that they really care about me and my world of imagination, legacy, and creativity. My symbolism to my artistry is that I'm all about spreading love, kindness, and a lot of positivity in people's lives no matter what, who, or how, loving others and acceptance for all, gaining energy to make sure that the one magnificent place that gives us life stays fit, healthy, and kind, and to celebrate life dancing and having the best fun time of your life. When I heard about this job through social media, I was like "this really could be a big opportunity for me, after all I am an artist based in my sweet home Arizona. I could perform virtually in front of billions of viewers from all over the world and including in the U.S. and get paid. I just don't like to sit around locked in my room bored forever, my heart and mind's eye tells me, this is the only thing I was born to do. Show people how to have a fun time. I want to keep moving forward as an artist and as a normal person and also help get my family forward with our lives together." Get ready to sing, get ready to dance, and get ready to have fun!


Cuarentena Mr business productions BABy boy cmz + Ricky jay

Doing our best never 💭 thought we were never gonna love music now we do often in bless for that gift God give us in too those beat production God 🙏 them and our public for there support we do english spanish. Baby boy cmz duet ricky jay cuarentena composer carlos manzo beat hope mr business production same as trust. Cuarentena is same vas global pademic  
Haciendo nuestro mejor esfuerzo, 
nunca pensamos que nunca 
amaríamos la música,
ahora lo hacemos a menudo en bendición por ese regalo que Dios nos dio también en la producción de ritmos Dios, ellos y ah nuestro público por su apoyo, hacemos inglés español. Baby boy cmz dueto ricky jay cuarentena compositor carlos manzo beat hope mr business
lo mismo que trust
Cuarentena es lo mismo
Global pademic