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I love my life…..Double life in this case. Both as an artist and as a normal person. Singing acting, dancing, being an entertainer have been my flesh and blood for 20 years. Family, friends, and God are my main bestfriends and fans. It shows that they really care about me and my world of imagination, […]

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Doing our best never 💭 thought we were never gonna love music now we do often in bless for that gift God give us in too those beat production God 🙏 them and our public for there support we do english spanish. Baby boy cmz duet ricky jay cuarentena composer carlos manzo beat hope mr business […]

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I’m happy to announce that my first concert it’s going to take place on Saturday, September 19. It’s going to be live streaming from my home. I hope each of you enjoys it as I will. Hope to see all of you there, Good bless you all, Ivet Garbet

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Ladies and Gentleman..as You Can See..Esta Onda Denominada Afro-Neon Esta Basado En La Tendencia Africana..But The Most Advanced Possible at This Time

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Well..Ok..So at This Time I am Working and Improving My Acoustic Material in a Novelty Style According To Actual Times..But Even I Can Share My Techno Minimal Genre as Well.

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Welcome to Live Show Streaming!!!
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Hello Performer!!! in this page you will be able to perform live, chat with your fans, post you resume and media links and the best thing is that you will get paid!!!